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Having a toothache can sometimes be very painful. Dr. Yakobashvili offers the best in care for tooth repair and pain control at Glad Dental P.C. located in the Bronx, New York.

Toothache Q & A

Can cavities cause tooth pain?

Yes, the development of cavities is one of the most common reasons for a toothache to begin. Cavities are the result of tooth decay from a buildup of bacterial plaque on your teeth. When the decay reaches the nerves inside your teeth they can cause pain. You might also feel sensitivity or pain in the affected tooth when eating, or drinking hot and cold foods. Other causes of toothaches include infections, trauma, fractures, sinus infections and food lodged in the gums.

Can you have a fever with a toothache?

Yes, a fever can be present with a toothache. This may occur if you have an infection in your tooth or gums, or if you have a sinus infection. You may also have redness and swelling with an infection. An infection requires immediate treatment to prevent it from spreading or getting worse. If a fever is present with tooth pain, call Dr. Guram Yakobashvili at Glad Dental P.C. for treatment.

Can a toothache give you a headache?

Toothaches often cause headaches for several reasons. If you clench your jaw in response to tooth pain, that could cause a headache. There might also be headache pain alongside a toothache if the trigeminal nerve that runs through your jaw and head is affected. Sinus infections that occur with toothaches are also a direct cause of head pain, especially behind your eyes.

What should I do about toothaches?

Toothaches should be treated by a dental professional to ensure they don’t progress to anything worse. Most jaw problems, such as TMJ, can also cause tooth pain. In this case, you would visit an orthodontist. Take steps to ease your pain at home by rinsing with warm water and taking an over-the-counter pain reliever. Visit Dr. Yakobashvili at Glad Dental P.C. to determine the cause of toothaches and get proper treatment.