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A root canal may be necessary to save a tooth and eliminate infection. Dr. Guram Yakobashvili’s years of experience enable him to perform root canals safely and effectively at Glad Dental P.C., located in the Bronx, New York.

Root Canal Q & A

What is root canal treatment?

The root of the tooth, called the “canal,” is made up of a tiny group of passageways which branch off just beneath the top of the tooth and move down into the canal, reaching the root tip. When the root is exposed to bacteria due to decay, an infection can spread to the inner chamber of the tooth called the “pulp.” This pulp contains blood vessels, nerves, and other sensitive tissues. If a tooth infection becomes severe, it can distress the roots. Root canal treatment is usually done to remove the diseased tissues, and stop any spread of infection into healthy parts of the tooth.

Why are root canals necessary?

Root canals are designed to save a problem tooth before it needs to be extracted. This treatment may become necessary when a large amount of damage or decay is present on the tooth or previous treatments no longer sustain the health of the tooth. Patients in need of a root canal are usually already feeling a large amount of pain or discomfort. They undergo a root canal treatment to bring pain relief and to halt any ongoing damage to the tooth.

Do root canals hurt?

Usually, the term “root canal” makes patients think of an uncomfortable, painful, procedure. This is a general misconception. Over the years dental techniques and procedures have advanced to be effective, safe, and practically pain-free. Combined with Dr. Yakobashvili’s skill and knowledge, a root canal is not much more complicated than a routine cavity filling. The procedure itself can take anywhere from an hour to 90 minutes. This will depend on the condition of the tooth, along with any complications that might be involved. After the root canal, the patient is allowed to go home but rest is recommended.