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If you’re missing one or multiple teeth as the result of decay, gum disease or injury, dental implants provide a safe and effective way to restore your smile to its near original condition. Not only do dental implants look and feel like your natural teeth, with proper care, but they can also last a lifetime. At Glad Dental P.C. in the Bronx, New York, Dr. Yakobashvili, Dr. Datikashvili, and the courteous and compassionate dentists regularly use dental implants to restore their patients’ smiles. To see if you’re a candidate, request your appointment by calling the office or clicking the online booking tool today.

Dental Implants Q & A

What are dental implants?

Dentist Implants BronxDental implants are replacement tooth roots that fit, feel, and function like your natural permanent teeth. They’re made of titanium or another durable metal and feature an attachment, which connects to a replacement crown, dentures, or other prosthetic replacement.

Dental implants fuse to your jawbone, forming a strong, durable anchor for your new teeth. Unlike with traditional dentures, there’s no risk of movement or slippage. Dental implants also make eating easier and enable you to smile and laugh confidently.

Who is a good candidate for dental implants?

Anyone who is missing one or more teeth can benefit from dental implants. Dental implants help prevent bone loss and further decay. When you lose a permanent tooth, your jawbone starts to erode — a process called resorption. Left untreated, this deterioration can cause your other surrounding teeth to move positions, giving your face a “sunken” appearance. Dental implants integrate with your jawbone and stimulate it to help you maintain a more youthful facial structure. 

There are a few requirements in order to be a good candidate for implant surgery. First, you need to have healthy gums. If you’re experiencing pain from periodontal disease, Dr. Yakobashvili or Dr. Datikashvili will need to treat your gums and get them healthy before installing your dental implants. Glad Dental P.C. offers a wide range of services to treat gum disease, such as scaling and root planing.

You also need to have a sufficient volume and density of the bone in your jaw to be a viable candidate. Because the implants are inserted into and fuse with your jawbone, they need a good amount of healthy bone material to take root. 

If you don’t have enough healthy bone tissue, your dentist will recommend getting a bone graft. During a bone graft, your dentist takes some bone material (either synthetic material or organic material from another part of your body or a donor) and inserts it in the area of your jaw where your implant will be placed. The new bone material stimulates your body’s natural production of bone tissue, which eventually builds up your jaw to a volume and density suitable for your implant.

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Why are dental implants so popular?

Dental implants are popular for several reasons. From a cosmetic standpoint, they help boost your confidence and self-esteem by filling in spaces or gaps between your teeth. In addition, dental implants encourage good oral hygiene. With strong, fully functioning teeth, you can eat a healthy well-balanced diet that includes fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Dental implants are also incredibly durable. If you practice good oral hygiene and visit the dentist regularly, your dental implants can last a lifetime. One of the best aspects of dental implants is that you can brush and floss around them just like natural teeth. 

And unlike other restorative solutions, like bridges and dentures, dental implants provide your jawbone with healthy stimulation. This helps prevent bone loss typically associated with having missing teeth and prevents your face from developing a sunken-in appearance.

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How successful are dental implants?

Dental implants are safe and generally well tolerated. In fact, studies show the long term success rate of dental implants is over 98%. Dental implants are also unique in that they don’t require the use of special cleaners of adhesives. 

Following your dental implant procedure, your Glad Dental P.C. provider gives you a list of instructions, ensuring a speedy, complication-free recovery.

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What is the process for getting dental implants?

Getting dental implants typically takes between six months to one year. Although this may seem like an extended period of time, it’s important to remember that with proper care, implants can last for multiple decades. 

At your first appointment, your dentist performs an exam, reviews your medical history, and asks you about your goals for treatment. Next, the team takes a series of X-rays to get a better look at your jawbone and tooth roots. If your jaw is healthy, your dentist administers a local anesthetic and places your titanium dental implants. 

Three to six months later, after your implants fuse with your jawbone, you return to the office for your second appointment. At your second appointment, your dentist numbs your teeth and gums again and takes impressions. Your dentist sends your impressions to a laboratory that manufactures your new crowns, dentures, or other prosthetic teeth replacement. 

A week or two later, you return for your third and final appointment. At this appointment, your dentist affixes your permanent replacement to your implants, restoring your smile.

To learn more about the amazing benefits of dental implants, call the office or use the online booking tool and make an appointment at Glad Dental P.C. today. 

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